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Book Review #12: A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

Book Review #12: A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

A  Sky Painted Gold - Laura Wood

  • Finished March 21, took 4 days to read

  • 5 Stars on Goodreads

  • Genre: Romance

  • Rating: 1/4 Romance

The hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, Bad on Paper, absolutely gushed over this perfect little book. Lou (short for Louise) is a teenaged girl living on the coast of Cornwall in the late 1920s. She is from a huge family, loves to write stories, and is incredibly close with her older sister. Lou lives in a very small town and feels some pressure to follow her sister’s path to get married and settle down. However, she believes she might be destined for something beyond life in her little English village.

Lou begins to sneak into an abandoned mansion across the small channel from her house. The mansion is boarded up and was not used for many years, but is still in good repair. There is an enormous library, and Lou takes up the habit of reading some books while eating stolen apples from the mansion’s orchard. One day she is almost caught by the returning owners, the Cardew siblings. The Cardews are heirs to an enormous fortune, and the brother Robert is routinely written up in the gossip magazines. After some time, Lou strikes up a friendship with the Cardews and experiences life with the rich and famous. And along the way she discovers that their lives are not as perfect as they appear.

A Sky Painted Gold was a delicious read. It felt very “Great Gatsby” but without all of the angst. Lou was a very relatable character, always feeling outshined by her sister, but wanting to play a bigger part in the world. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick read set in the past. It was delightful and I will be reading more books from Laura Wood, just as soon as she writes more! 

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